Expert market survey for prototyp development for online trainings

“Quality4Children – Global Academy” is a private initiative from Austria which aims to strengthen capacities of Board members, leaders and managers in the field of quality alternative care for children and youth. The Global Academy will offer online trainings and build up interactive exchange platforms to learn from each other as well as exchange best practices in the sector of alternative care.

As part of an AWS co-funded project a first training prototype will be developed until May 2022. FICE International is the international cooperation partner and will support to gather international expert feedback. This is the first survey to identify the market need as well as the priority topics for the planned online trainings.

The survey (14 questions) will take 5-10 minutes and is anonymous.

The results will be shared with FICE International.

If you are interested in more detailed information about the Global Academy – Quality4Children please write us an Email.